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USC Family Camp at the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Science on Catalina Island

Memorial Day Weekend, 2005

It was such fun last year that we decided to do it again. Get up early in the morning on Friday and head on down to San Pedro to catch the boat over to Two Harbors.

The kids had fun standing out on the deck of the boat as we zoomed across the channel.

Everyone walks up from the dock and meets at the outdoor amphitheater.

USC Staffer Ann Close's guide dog Jetta is a hit with the kids again.

While the parents go off with Tony Michaels (the WIES director), the kids head down to the dock to try on wetsuits. Next time we look, they're all in the water.

The next day, we get up and leave for our morning sea kayak.

Sally and Nicki flip their kayak in the Blue Cavern when a bigger than expected wave floods into the cave. We only see them after they emerge, soaked.

One of the kids finds a huge elkhorn kelp

After lunch, it's time to dissect fish. Lorraine Sadler starts off with a sting ray showing a lot of the internal structures, and the huge liver.

Then, Nicky gets her own sea urchin to dissect. She carefully reads the dissection protocol, and begins work. After a few minutes of work, everything is laid bare inside. (We have the sea urchin's teeth at home now, all 5 of them).

Nicky takes an opportunity to hold the albino sea cucumber in the touch tank.

That evening, we head out for a night snorkel!

Next morning, we pull on those cold damp wetsuits and go for a daytime snorkel.


Revised 5 June 2005

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