Samantha's Ninth Birthday


Party at the Park!

Lots of friends, fun activities.. Rocket Launching, Water Balloons, Pizza and Hot dogs, and a generally good time. All the images are "clickable".

First, you have to build your rocket (from a 20 oz soda bottle). Fins optional.
Everyone has their own theories on what the best design is.Tyler certainly feels strongly about his.
Final preparations are being made as Sam's dad clears the launch area. Looks like Summer and Melissa are going for a dual launch here.

Looks like Carrie is filling her rocket with fuel, while Sam's dad prepares a launcher for Julia

Here's Alexia and Carrie preparing a rocket for launch, as Sam and her Dad look at the next pad. Julia retrieves her rocket after landing.


A pause, the rocket builder pushes the launch button ...

Ty getting ready to fill, Summer holding the button, and Ryan runs down range to retrieve his last launch.


And everyone looks up in the sky to see how well this one did. You can see the vapor trail on the right side.


There was judging and prizes for appearance as well as performance
Aww, Mom, do we have to leave now??



Revised 18 August 2002