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Guildford - England 2002

Guildford is a really cool town that dates back to the 800s. It's where Sally's family on the Hughes side calls home (or near enough - technically speaking they call Godalming home, but everyone in Godalming either works or shops in Guildford, so there you go.)

We stayed in an Edwardian house (circa 1700s) called Blanes Court. Click here -> Blanes Panorama <- for a terrific panorama of the backyard Jim shot.

Blanes Court

This is the front of Blanes. Our room is viewable in the picture - it's on the second floor, the bay windows to the right of the front door. The entire house was painted and decorated very nicely, and they served wonderful english breakfasts every morning.


This is the back of Blanes. It's downloaded from their web site (apologies to Blanes). The backyard is huge.


Blanes has a little children's pool with a slide. The kids had a terffic time!


Here's a stitched panorama of our family room. See how many places Sami appears.


Bear went for a wash and a dry on our second day in Guildford.



Guildford's main street is High Street, and still has the original cobble stones from hundreds of years ago. It also has many buildings dating from the 1400s and 1500s, including a few medieval undercrofts that can be toured.


Guildford also has an old castle and palace, of which only the keep is visible today. It was undergoing some internal restoration so we could only tour the outside when we where there.


There was a large chess board in the grass.

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