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To and From England 2002

We started off our vacation with a few good pictures waiting in the airport, and getting settled on the airplane. We ended our trip being picked up at the airport by a chauffer and a limosine - definitely travelling in style. The only hickup was landing at LAX on July 4th to find that the Bradley terminal had been shutdown due to a "Security Incident with another airline" - AKA "shootout at the El Al terminal - three dead, more injured". Oh well, the limo made up for it.

Going To England

Here we are in line for the British Airway counter. We were supposed to be here 2 hours in advance, but traffic was soooo bad that we arrived with less than an hour to spare. Good thing everyone else was late too.


Jim takes a picture from the aisle. Notice the TV screens in the seatbacks in front of us? A real life saver - the kids had things to watch the whole trip.


Our girls!


Coming Home

Here's an outside shot of the Boeing 747 we rode home in.


The kids REALLY enjoyed the limo - it was their first ride in one.


An outside shot. The driver knew I wanted a really long limo for the kids - she drives me to the airport for business trips all the time - so she picked a nice long one.


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