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{title}Cheddar Gorge


The Cheddar Gorge is a narrow canyon in the Mendip hills, which is a range that separates Somerset from Wiltshire. The town of Cheddar has been there a long time (since Roman days, when they did a lot of lead mining and smelting), and cheese has been a local product. And, where there's limestone hills and water, there's caves! This is much like the area at Wookey Hole (which is only a few miles to the east, near Wells). We went into one of the "showcaves" that has been developed (Gough's cave). Next time, we want to spend longer there; there's a caving tour where you dress up in overalls and hardhats and go beyond the lighted area.

The gorge looks like it would be a great place to do some rock climbing. Nice limestone cliffs with great crack structures, and several pitches high.

travel/engsum2004/cheddar.htm - 15 August 2004